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Lindsey supported the launch of Scener, a picture-in-picture commentary platform for streaming shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, creating a comprehensive communications program and go-to-market strategy that spanned entertainment, tech and consumer visibility. The results have catapulted the company from an unknown entrant into a new and highly anticipated social TV venture, gaining support from influential industry critics while igniting early talks with key potential partners and investors.

Storytelling & Messaging Expertise

  • Shaped the Scener launch narrative to fit within the entertainment industry conversation, trends and ecosystems 

  • Crafted narratives around key content creators to appeal to target consumer audiences and drive adoption 

Leveraged Connections to Build Media Relationships 

  • Knowing when and how to reach media through a strategic pre-launch press program, proving valuable to both reporters and Scener

  • Secured positive launch stories while also building relationships for Scener with over 30 top-tier national reporters

Go to Market Strategy Designed to Align with Leading Industry Conference 

  • Maximized launch exposure and impact by securing speaking opportunity for co-founders one day after press stories hit, which resulted in post-launch press coverage and momentum

Resulting in 106  million impressions - equivalent to $700,000 in advertising value. 

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